Beyond Puff Puff Pass: Five Simple Rules For Sharing Cannabis

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Respect The Piece

Whether it is yours or a friends, a bong or a pipe, be careful with the glass. Cats are often a culprit here, so keep your piece in hand, or safely away from your furry felines. They like to knock things off tables, remember? Another thing to keep in mind is the careful passing of said piece of glass between people. Don’t let it go till you know the receiving person has a firm grip. Paying extra attention while you are elevated prevents a lot of unnecessary breakage, and accidents. Wondering how to get your piece clean? Rubbing alcohol and kosher salt do wonders to restore a piece to it’s clean, fresh, transparent new look.

Bring Your Own Cannabis

It’s common sense. Someone shares with you, and you share in return. No one wants the friend that shows up to smoke, but never shares. Even if you are low on funds, sharing a pre-roll or joint is inexpensive, and can mean the world to a friend who is used to people taking, but never giving back. This is kind of a secret code between cannabis connoisseurs- share your favorite strains and experiences with others equally and see the new world of cannabis that opens up to you.

Watch The Slobber

You hit a joint, a waterpipe, or otherwise, and your mouth begins to water,  so what do you do? Pause, grab a napkin or otherwise, and resume consuming. Nothing is worse than being the next person in rotation, and finding the last person soaked the crutch, or end of the joint. It may seem like common sense, but many people don’t pay attention. Cannabis can make your mouth water- know this, and your friends are more likely to want you around for the next smoke session.

Keep Thy Dab Nail Clean

Dabs are best when they are clean, and free from debris and dust. If your nail isn’t clean, is caked with old oil, or has been dropped on the floor a few times, you’ll taste the difference. Ingesting random things from the floor, even at a high temperature is not good for you. 😉 If you use someone else’s dab nail, try to keep it clean. Heating it slightly with your torch can be one quick way to get rid of the gunk.

Stay Educated/ Stay In Control.

Keeping track of your state, and adjusting your consumption is the best way to stay in control of your cannabis experience. If you are a beginner, taking it slow is best, but even the most experienced cannabis enthusiast can accidentally over consume. If someone  is using equipment that you have not used before, ask questions, and watch how others do it. It may seem embarrassing, but in the long run, knowing how to use the equipment limits the chance you will break it. This is especially true with dabbing rigs and the like, which can be very expensive to replace. If you’ve never done a dab, a concentrate, or an edible before, do you research and start with the smallest possible dose. Choose a crowd that you can trust to be around you at times where you are trying new things, it will only make the experience better.

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