Four Things To Keep In Mind When Trying Your First Dab

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In Oregon, every newly initiated cannabis user eventually gets introduced to the dab. For some, this happens relatively quickly, while others hold off until they feel prepared, but in both cases it’s only a matter of time before curiosity and the desire for a more flavorful, concentrated dose of THC leads to dabbling with dabs. So what should a newcomer know about dabs before beginning their first session? Quite a few things—we’ll cover four of the more important ones right here:

Number One: Start Off Light

Veteran cannabis smokers have a habit of treating dabs like they would flowers—packing up as much as possible to maximize the resulting payload. This is generally unwise, because vaporized, concentrated THC is very different than cannabis smoke, and even the most experienced cannabis user can find him or herself wiped out from drawing in too much. What does this look like? Packing too large a dab will probably lead to a coughing fit at best, and at worst might have you rolling on the ground in a fit of tears while your brain transcends the matrix of reality. Best to start off with a small dose and work your way up to your preferred experience.

Number Two: Go For Low Temperatures

The two main arguments for dabbing are:

  • A much higher concentration of THC, and
  • A far superior taste and flavor.

If you want to get the best of both these attributes, try to avoid treating the concentrate like you would when burning flower. Less is more when it comes to temperature, and the minimum setting on your torch can provide you with a deeply satisfying flavor that is easier on your lungs.

Number Three: Get Ready to Sweat

Even if you followed the first two rules attentively, the dab experience can still be a pretty intense one. Dab sweats are not uncommon even among experienced users, so get ready to look like you just ran a marathon and keep some water handy to replenish your fluids. The dab sweats tend to affect some individuals more than others—you won’t know until you try the first time.

Number Four: Get Comfortable

If you did everything right, you should have your mental and spiritual controls set for the heart of the sun and be ready for blast-off. You should be in a comfortable environment: A soft sofa and some good music are a definite must-haves—your first dab experience may be ill-suited to lots of activity or socialization—so expect to be staying in one spot for a while and don’t worry about communicating all that much until after the effects wear off and you return to Earth.

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