Sirius Black Strain Review From Human Collective

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Here at Human Collective, our budtenders know the best Cannabis flower when they see it. Sirius Black is a strain that only comes along once in a blue moon- a strain that blows your mind, and amazes you again by how truly healing and relaxing cannabis can be. The first thing you notice upon opening your new container of Sirius Black from Human Collective is the vibrant violet color. It ranges from bright to deep dark purple, the dense yet fluffy flower resembling velvet even in the brightest light. Once grinded fine, the crystals catch your eyes even more intensely, and the fine flower is soft to the touch.

The First Puff

The first puff of Sirius Black is inconspicuous and elusive, much like the character of the same name. The second puff is pure night, with flavors of deep fruit, grape and other jammy flavors. This strain is reminiscent of the fruity yet dark wines popular in Autumn, and will leave you wondering why you didn’t try this strain sooner. To put it simply, the taste and aftereffects of this flower are exactly what this beautiful flower advertises to your eyes: Purple. Distinctly purple. The best purple bud you have puffed perhaps.


The layered depth of the terpenes draw you deeper into the strain. While delicious in a bong, this strain is especially satisfying in a simple pipe, lit briefly in small sections to take in the the terpenes without charring the delicate bud. Enjoy slowly, and open the window to take in the autumn rain, enjoying the unique and pleasant mouthfeel of this purple flower. The effects are subtle at first, and then hit you all of the sudden, and you start to lament all the time spent before finding this strain.

Overall Effects

The effects deliver a powerful double punch: both body high and head high are significant. It is amazing for pain, bodily discomfort, nausea and even anxiety for our medical patients, and is truly healing to experience. The feeling tends towards relaxation, with a body buzz that can keep the experienced cannabis connoisseur focused enough to work on their pet project, or relaxed enough to watch a movie, and fall asleep for the night. Here at Human Collective in beautiful Portland, Oregon, we hope you have purple dreams as you enjoy our premium, fluffy, Sirius Black flower. Your dreams may even be more eventful than usual!

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