Three Cannabis Products To Make Your Own Edibles

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With plenty of tasty options available- from gummies to savory snacks, cannabis edibles have been a long awaited treat for our recreational customers. What many do not consider when purchasing these treats, however, is the fact that they can also easily make their own. Here are three time tested concentrates you can use to make your own brownies or other treats, without having to go through the process of making your own butter of concentrate.

Bubbies Butter

Cannabis butter perfect for almost any recipe in which you would use butter. You can even make your own cannabis infused tea for a quick treat, or make a chai tea latte that you won’t forget. It is also great for crumbles, pies, and even savory dishes. Can you imagine a roast with vegetables infused with cannabis? It sounds mouthwatering already. Bubbies Butter is the perfect remedy for many the malady.

Decarboxylated Oil

There are many ways to use decarboxylated oil, but the best part about it is it doesn’t require heat to activate the THC. Be careful with this stuff, it can be very potent. For easy dosing you can freeze tiny droplets of oil for ready made cannabis dosing on the go. The oil can also be used for cookies, brownies, or a number of imaginative creations.


Kief cookies, candied gingers, and salt sprinkled kief pretzels are all delicious. So, make sure to pick up a quality grinder, wait for your collection to build up, and use it is your next batch of baking (making sure to dose appropriately.) It is also great when used in a pesto (after decarboxylating), in a stir fry or otherwise.

In the end, making your own edibles is all about creativity and knowing how to properly dose your butter, oil or kief. Buying these products means you can create edibles with a dependable result, that will keep your elevated and comfortable.

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